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Mani hoffman the leons

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Mani Hoffmans & the Leons — Rabid Animals

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Mani Hoffmans & the Leons listen online

Дима Билан Она. Inhe collaborated with The Supermen Loversand co-wrote the platinum hit, " Starlight ", with Guillaume Atlan, and is lead singer on the song. It became one of the most exported French tracks around the world, and made Mani an important figure of French Touch movement along with Daft PunkCassiusModjo and others.

Mani Hoffman has also been involved with film scoring.

Mani hoffmans the leons rabid animals

Inhe wrote and sang on the original soundtrack for the film, R. He also composed for the French television music, mockumentary series, Zakbroadcast on Orange Movie Series since November In Januarythe group Mani group [ fr ] released their debut album, Heroes of Todaywith the first single, "Bang Bang", produced by the community label My Major Company.

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